Black Blood

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  • Τοποθεσία: Αθήνα
  • Έτος: 2006 - σήμερα


Από τον Unholy Sodomizer, αλλιώς Δημήτριο Αϋφαντή, μέλος των σκοτεινών Hierophant’s Descent. Μαυρόασπρο, κατ-ν-πέιστ, ολντ-σκουλ. Φέισμπουκ; Τουίτερ; Ίνσταγκραμ; Fuck that weak shit – μόνο από ‘δω: Τ.Θ. 3350, 10210 Αθήνα.


  • Black Blood #1, Χειμώνας 2006 (*)
  • Black Blood #2, 2006
  • Black Blood #3, Φεβρουάριος 2007
  • Black Blood #4, 2007
  • Black Blood #5, 2009
  • Black Blood #6, 2013
  • Black Blood #7, Ιανουάριος 2015
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It’s always cool to discover new paper zines, since you could expect more personality in the writings than what is usually flooding the web… But I noticed more fanzines begin to use more and more the excuse of the old school and “It was better before” to build something with not much personality or opinions inside… That’s kinda the problem of BLACK BLOOD.

Even if the content is rather focused on “Old styled”, or better said follows an “Opposite to the mainstream” approach, I didn’t find much differences from the usual spiked and metallic zines: It follows the same usual ideas, with some kind of serious approach… The fact I’m not a big black metal fan might not help to enjoy most of the rather black metallic content, but everything is more than a matter of tastes…
First big problem: In the interviews the questions are short, lack of depth or are too clichι, really! (“Do you think that black metal is still underground”… Well…)
Second problem: I need more criticism in the reviews… Now, we the readers, know the styles he likes, but more criticism and brainstorming can only make it more interesting…
The layout looks serious, done with a text editor ΰ la Winword, but nothing particular.
The content might appeal to some younger maniacs (Mostly into black metal) with a taste and wills to discover more of the old spirit, but apart from the fact “Metal was better before” and “Underground rules”, what will I remember? Hu… Maybe the MARTYRVORE interview, because it’s the first one I read… But anyway, Satan deserves more depth, or craziness… or both.

Nihilistic Holocaust webzine

BLACK BLOOD ‘Zine #3 (Greece)
February 2007
40 pages A4 – English written
Another defender of the old way of making a zine, Ayfandis Dimitrios aka Unholy Sodomizer heads this piece of blasphemy focused on a certain stream of metal. The cut n’ paste rules here as well as intolerance towards pro computerized lay-out and internet. Probably to avoid unwanted contact with trendy fuckers or any rip-off bastards.
The content, as mentioned above, is dedicated to raw, filthy and blasphemous hordes of the black/death/thrash metal cult: BESTIAL RAIDS, EMBRACE OF THORNS, INSIDE, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, AGE OF AGONY, SADOLUST, BEAST PETRIFY, MORBOSIDAD and EQUINOXIO. The interviews are ok although sometimes the autopsy could have been led further, instead of just molesting the corpse, the way of necrophilia could have been more exciting.
The usual demos/EP/CD/LP section is not missing, the guy is rather objective but he rarely brutalized the stuff as it’s mostly based on things he likes (fuck the rest!).
More interesting, the zines reviews section, where he gives an honest advice (although sometimes it’s a bit short) and when something doesn’t please him, it’s written.
Articles about the Cthulhu myth and Hammer movies, and a column about music by the editor, appear and go to the essential.
Quite good job anyway, I am not a die hard fan but BLACK BLOOD ‘Zine will definitively find underground supporters.

Putrefactive Effect zine (03/04/2010)

The zine is alive and kicking. And some zines are even laid out in the antiquated way with a pair of scissors! Black Blood zine of Greece is one of them, out now in its 4th incarnation. To reach editor Unholy Sodomizer you even need to send a good old letter! This issue is very internationally oriented, with interviews of Canada’s Prosanctus Inferi, Finland’s Lathspell, Chile’s Chainsaw, Singapore’s Istidraj, Brazil’s Catacumba, and so on. There is also an in-depth interview with yours truly! Wow, the layout makes the interview look like it was done 20 years ago, he-he. That would make me nearly 50 years old, aargh! I have a few of the hand-numbered copies available in my distro. Or you can wipe the dust of those envelopes and stamps you planned to send Grandma for Christmas ’87 and contact Unholy Sodomizer. (12/12/2007)


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