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  • Τοποθεσία: Αθήνα
  • Έτος: 2004 - 2010
  • Ιστοσελίδα/blog: Sewer Zine
  • e-mail επικοινωνίας: manoscure [papaki} yahoo {teleia] gr


Και μόνο το logo του Sewer (υπόνομος) να δει κανείς, μπορεί εύκολα να καταλάβει περί τίνος πρόκειται! Death metal/gore/grind φανζίν από τον Μάνο Μιχαηλίδη, μπασίστα των παλιότερων Putrefied Genitalia καθώς και άλλων σχημάτων του χώρου.


  • Sewer zine #1, 2004
  • Sewer zine #2, 2006
  • Sewer zine #3, 2008
  • Sewer zine #4, 2010

Το πρώτο με συνεντεύξεις με Atavism, Inveracity, Vulnus, Vomit Remnants, Nominon, Inhumate, Lividity, Prophecy, Necrotic Disgorgement και Pustulated. Το δεύτερο με Devourment, Malamor, Kaamos, Sanatorium, Carnal Redemption, Godless Truth, Putrid Pile, Cenotaph[Tur], Inhuman Dissiliency και εκτεταμένο scene repost από Φιλιππίνες. Το τρίτο με Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Agathocles, Gorefest, Reinfection, Waco Jesus, Infected Malignity,Philosopher, Solace of Requiem, Grand Belial’s Key, Ophiolatry, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Dead Congregation συν Obscene Productions και Metal Archives. Το τέταρτο με Alienation Mental, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Deceased, Horde of Worms, Tumour, Exhumed, Impure,Master, Flesh, Goretrade, Impetigo, Lust of Decay, Mortal Decay, Nocturnal Vomit, Degenerhate, CerebralTurbulency, Nuclear Hammer/Malaria & violent ambience extreme metal e-zine και παρουσίαση της American Line Productions.Σε αντίθεση με τα προηγούμενα, αυτό το τεύχος δεν περιέχει δράμι reviews.

Όλα τα τεύχη διακινήθηκαν κυρίως εκτός συνόρων.


Α, το logo που λέγαμε στην αρχή είναι σχεδιασμένο από τον Mike Majewski των Devourment.


Sewer #3
80 pg, A4, xerox, English

Infected Malignity, Agathocles, Dead Congregation, Grand Belial`s Key, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Solace of Requiem, Waco Jesus, Ophiolatry, Philosopher, Obscene Productions, Reinfection, Gorefest, Cannibal Corpse,, Suffocation

“The Death Metal Zine from Hell-as” says the editor. I’m not sure the year of the release but the artwork written ’07. Yes, Hellas is Greece!

Quite thick zine we have here but the thickness is due to the large font used. You can finish reading 80 pages zine in no time. No page number and no table of content and the layout is either 2 or 3 column per page.

Text font type will look better if it can differentiate between the questions & the answers. And about the questions, they are of the ‘general and easy’ type of questions and some questions are being repeated in some interviews. Some interviews are made by editor of Anubis Zine of Turkey and some other contributors but they all have the same interview style.

The xerox quality is OK. Some page use black background but the text is still readable. Some flyers are pasted here and there in the zine. Some are really old flyers which is great to look at (like flyer for Immolation demo #1, 1988).

About the reviews, they are not arrange alphabetically and not rated, and have all the contact details (mail, email and website). The reviews are separated to different format and creatively named; Embrace of Death (CD reviews), Bleed For The Devil (tape review), A Different Type of Mindfuck (Vinyl review) & Evil Spells (Zine). The reviews are more interesting to read and have better layout.

“I have been to Malaysia and in this country live together Muslim, Budhist, Christians all together in peace and it was really interesting for me…” by Obscene Productions that are the quote that can be used by Tourism Malaysia (the government agency promoting tourism). I would like to add a bit though, that was years ago. Strangely, we now have church and mosque being burnt by some close-minded asshole.

Bloodstained Vision, 10/2/2011

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